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Facebook Security has published a video informing the users of the network about malware which shows advertisements.

The business captioned News Feed the video as follows:


Is the profile? If yes, you might have adware.

Watch this movie to learn how to eliminate these programs from cleanup your accounts and the pc.

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That's a movement from the security team of Facebook. The post from Facebook Security, that explained how the connection shim of a site functions, was made.

Was January 2011. I'm surprised that a video was posted on Facebook, it is the content that I find intriguing.

The official Facebook page of Facebook Security has 5.9 million Likes, but practically all the posts detail Facebook's security attributes and Facebook's moves on the marketplace towards boosting the agency's privacy and security.

I'd like to see Facebook Security utilize its Page to warn users although I've no trouble with this.


There should be posts more often, or weekly, describing scams and malware dispersing the networking, so forth, and the way to avoid them.

If that's not positive the company should post data on what scams it's removed so forth, and what they have been called.

Facebook is already transparent with 3rd party developers about bug fixes it can make And forum action on Stack Overflow, so why not have something relevant for users?

I've contacted Facebook to see if this movie is part of a brand new trend to help users experiencing safety problems on the social network, or if it is just a one-time thing.

Update at 2: 30 PM PST: How does Adware Work

Facebook declined to comment on my ideas above, however, it did have more to say about adware.

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These programs claim to provide users special privileges on Facebook but obscure your profile and News Feed with advertisements which aren't Facebook accepted, a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

In fact, over ninety percent of the ad complaints we receive on a regular basis is related to adware programs and of the advertisements they display.

These programs materially change people's Facebook expertise and bypass Facebook's quality and safety controls.

In addition, adware programs make Facebook slower, cause user confusion and may obfuscate authenticate user content by displaying web banners.


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